Kuala Lumpur 2018

During a dinner in KL on this trip, one of the hosts was pouring some soup for me and telling me how great it was, saying, “It is so good, so flavorful. It is so full of flavor.”

Dear readers, I hope my flourish for words are better than that. I hope I am not that redundant when singing the praises of delicious food.

But just to be safe, I’ll let this post be a photo-dump of food I ate in KL that I thought was just ridiculously good, and some descriptions.

Some things not included: a mind blowing homemade Thai laksa (because I was too busy eating to take a picture); family pictures; gloriously fluffy kaya toast.

There is a restaurant called Cilantro, which can best be described as French-Japanese fusion. But that description fails to encapsulate just how creative and how good the food is. I have been eating at Cilantro for years — over 15 years, specifically — and it has never failed me. My go-to dishes are their cappellini for appetizer and warm chocolate cake for dessert. But even beyond those choices, Cilantro is just really good. I ended up eating multiple meals at Cilantro over the course of 2ish weeks.

I also ate a lot of market food (chicken rice; kopi bing; Ipoh ho fun; chee cheong fun….), as well as some delicious food in hole-in-the-wall places (which I happen to think has the best food).

Oh, and there was glorious sushi. Oribe is great, and you should go. The chef is friendly, the fish is fresh, the food is delicious. My first meal in KL was at Oribe, and it was some great omakase.

KL has a special place in my heart, having lived here for a few years when I was little and attended school. And KL will also always have a special place in my stomach.

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