Choice Drinks

I am making the conscious decision to not title this post “best drinks,” because I am not nearly a consummate enough drinker to put forward that list. Dessert? I’m game. Drinks? Less so.

Nevertheless, I’ve had some really great drinks in my time in NYC. Here are some I highly recommend.

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1. The Spaniard. I passed by this place fairly often during my law school years, and it looked pretty cool inside. But I finally went in when I had plans to get drinks at 3pm on a Tuesday (yes, it’s an unconventional time), and The Spaniard was close and it was open and it served alcohol.

Inside, the middle is a massive horseshoe-shaped bar, with booths lining the walls of the restaurant. I have not eaten the food there, but the cocktails are really good. Specifically, “The Fix Is In.” It’s refreshing, it has a touch of sweetness, it’s cool. You can easily drink more than one of these in a short time.

2. Tacombi Nolita. Great tacos. Great margaritas. Great for groups. That is all.

3. The Loyal. I mentioned this place in another post, when I talked about their amazing food. But their cocktails are also really good and very much on par with their food. Which is very good.


4. Lafayette. I’ve had some cocktails here, and they were good. (The drinks menu changes seasonally.) But I cannot not mention their decadent hot chocolate. When I come here for brunch, I have to get that hot chocolate, otherwise it won’t be a complete brunch.

5. The Met Rooftop. The drinks are a bit pricey and are a bit sweet, but you can’t beat the views. And you’re drinking at the Met. Overlooking Central Park.


6. Casa Apicii. Come to this place for the food first. The food is really good. The meatballs are rich, the pastas are bursting with flavor, and the desserts are all solid. But their drinks menu is also worth a look. I’m partial to the aptly-named “Casa Apicii” cocktail.

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7. Union Fare. This place is worth a mention solely for the fact they give complimentary mimosas for weekend brunchers before 10:30am. As a morning person, waking up in time wasn’t too hard of a task.


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