Fish Are Food

(Title referencing Finding Nemo).

There is some good sushi in New York. Let’s talk about two of them.

First, Sushi Yasuda. This place is famous, well-reviewed, and deserving of all the compliments. The first time I went was during my 1L spring break; I have come back more times, and each time has remained delicious.

I am a huge fan of their chirashi. The fish is plentiful, fat, and fresh. The rice is well-seasoned. It might not have the pristine beauty of omakase, but it is still delicious. And filling.


But do not worry: you can always order any sushi you fancy. I take full advantage and always get firefly squid (first discovered in Tokyo and loved ever since), sea scallop (such an incredible flavor), California uni (creamy, and better than the Hokkaido variation, in my mind), and clam (a reliable favorite).


And then, Omakase Room by Tatsu. The chef here was previously at Sushi Yasuda, and you can tell by the quality of the fish. Each bite is fresh and bright and flavorful. Oh, and the prices are way better — slightly above $100 for 18-course omakase (compared to….a lot more at Sushi Yasuda). The chef is also incredibly friendly.

Yellowtail, squid, mackerel, salmon roe, oyster (and I’m not a big fan of oyster) — all were very good.

But the sea scallop, firefly squid, toro, and anago were exceptional. fullsizeoutput_1c2efullsizeoutput_1c30fullsizeoutput_1c32fullsizeoutput_1c37

Sushi is where you can get adventurous, since each piece is a small bite. One fateful menu decision can lead to a lifetime of enjoyment.

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