The NoMad

I’ve known my friend J since my 1L year. In fact, he was one of my first friends, and one of our favorite things to do together is going out to fancy dinners. So we trekked out on a fairly rainy Saturday for a stunning meal.

In the past, we’ve done Le Coucou (divine), La Sirena (quite good), and ‘Cesca (decent). This time, we went to The NoMad Restaurant.

The interiors of this place is dark and moody, offset by a vaulted glass ceiling. The effect is rather beautiful. I would love to return for a breakfast or brunch to see this space bathed in sunlight.


J and I got cocktails. I opted for “Nod to Nothing,” which was fruity and fresh.


We started with cauliflower, which was braised with almonds, parmesan, and figs. It was so good. It wasn’t as “heavy” or greasy as braising with cheese would suggest, and the tartness of the figs was a lovely complement. The crushed almonds also gave the dish a nice crunchy bite.


For the main, we chose the famous Roast Chicken for Two. When the bird is finished roasting, your server brings it out on a tray to show you, claws and all. It’s a rather awe-inspiring effect. The couple-of-a-certain-age next to me took many pictures of the chicken, some with the husband imitating the chicken’s gnarled claws.

After the show, the server whisks the chicken back to the kitchen to carve up and serve.

On the plate is light meat, with black truffle jus on the side and a generous layer of foie gras under the skin. In the middle are the dark meat (served with some cheesy/creamy dressing) and light fried de-boned wings.


I’m more of a dark meat girl, but this light meat was very good. It was tender and juicy, and the skin had a touch of crispiness. The foie gras does get a bit much by the time you’re halfway through, though. I ended up scraping it off my portion and putting it onto J’s plate.

The dark meat is really flavorful and good. Sadly, the chicken wing was a tad salty.

The whole thing might not look like much, but it is quite filling. I was barely able to finish my portion.


But there is always room for dessert in my book.


I opted for the lemon tart, coated with almond shortbread and served with a side of ricotta ice cream. This dessert was truly excellent. I love the flavors of lemons and almonds already, but this dish really made the flavors sing, individually and together. Even though I was full, I scraped my plate clean. It was so good.

And then I washed it all down with some Riesling. All in all, a very good night indeed.


Dress is Marc by Marc Jacobs. Can’t find the link on the MJ website, but it’s here on lyst.

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