NYC Restaurant Week: Lafayette

I’ve been to Lafayette many times before, but usually for brunch or for burgers. But on Monday, I went for a three-course dinner

I started off with tomato soup, poured from a little glass beaker at the table. I can’t name that ball in the middle, but it was cheesy and bready and delicious.


My main was Moroccan lamb with couscous, almonds, and harissa. It doesn’t exactly look pretty, but it was quite good. The lamb was tender; the couscous and the almonds paired quite well; and the vegetables gave the dish such richness.


And onto my favorite course: dessert. I chose the chocolate almond entremet. It was more dense than I anticipated (I expected something more like a mousse), but it was delicious. I really do love the pairing of almonds and chocolate. The ice cream was the flavor of marshmallow; I’m not a fan of marshmallows, but it did well in cleansing my palate between bites. The crispy wafer things on top were a bit weird though, I couldn’t figure out what they were or what flavor they were supposed to be.


My parents didn’t go for the Restaurant Week menu, but instead opted for burgers (not at all a bad choice). Their dessert was the chocolate caramel coupe, and it was quite glorious in both looks and taste.


You can’t go wrong with a tall glass filled with chocolate.

Lafayette is always reliable for a good meal, any time and with any menu.

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