NYC Restaurant Week: Untitled At The Whitney

New York has lots of good food. But Restaurant Week is still magical. This year, one of the places I went to was Untitled At The Whitney.

 I came once for normal brunch and it was quite good. I remember they gave complimentary cheddar and chive scones with savory butter, in lieu of plain bread. Based on this meal, I had high hopes for Untitled’s RW dinner.

It started off beautifully with Arctic char toast: a fish mousse spread on crunchy toast, with a beet and orange salad on the side. This was exceptional. My only complaint is that the bread crusts were a bit too crunchy and thick, so the first bite was a challenge. But this was so good, I barely minded.


My main was the risotto: squid, mussels, romanesco, fennel kimchi. Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite make out the mussels; the squid was overly salted; the broccoli was a bit too charred; and the kimchi was too sour. Bites of the risotto were alternatively salty and sour. This was disappointing.


My friends got the grilled pork loin, with roasted sweet potatoes and charred radicchio. They raved about it and sang its praises.

Dessert was a baked apple cake, with almond streusel, aged balsamic, and caramel mousse. This was a lovely way to end the meal. The cake wasn’t too sweet, but still aromatic. I normally don’t like caramel, but the mousse was a nice accompaniment.


All in all, it was a decent dinner, but I felt like it could have been better. But I still recommend giving Untitled a visit, but maybe stay away from seafood main dishes.

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