Jean-Georges, and the new political reality

I ate at Jean-Georges a month ago. It was lovely. The food was delicious and the service was exceptional. I walked out of the restaurant truly believing that it would become a place I would return several times a year.

However, I will not be writing about the experience, and I doubt I will be returning for a very long time, as it is located within a Trump property.

I hope to write a post about the election and my feelings about it and the future. But for now, I will leave you with other things to read.

The Day After (Buzzfeed)

A letter from Leslie Knope (Vox)

Coming Together (Cup of Jo)

Our Day Will Come (The Guardian)

Homeless in America (The New York Times)

A list of organizations that need your support (Jezebel)

How to get involved post-Trump (Elle)

Most importantly, share your story (office of the President-Elect)

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