The Met

My love for the Met is no secret. It is one of my favorite places — not museums; places — in the world, and I go many times a year.

There’s the obligatory trip at the beginning of summer to celebrate school being done. And then the end of summer trip to mark the end of holidaying. And the Christmas trip, to see the tree amidst all the medieval art.


And then a few visits stuck in between.

That love for the museum inspired one of my life goals: be invited to the Met Gala. Enjoying a black-tie charity ball at this magical place, while dressed in amazing haute couture — what could be better.

Image from Lipstick Alley

So when the trailer for First Monday in May came out, I was beyond excited. I had visited the  exhibit featured in the film twice, once with good friends AM and PG (visiting from Michigan!) and once with my parents.

I was in awe each time.

The way the pieces were laid out was thought-out so that, no matter what angle, the pieces were striking. The juxtaposition of ancient robes with modern chinoiserie fashion; the clips of movies about China; the showcasing of Western designers naming collections after China: all of it was enthralling.

It was also interesting to see in the film the way the team worked to make the exhibit possible, with competing viewpoints (artistically, politically) and interests (raising money for the Museum, preserving the art). Planning such a large event is no doubt nerve-wracking, but part of watching that was amusing. (Also amusing was watching designers talking about their genius.)


My mom particularly liked the gallery on the blue and white Ming vases. We share a deep love of blue and white.



The exhibit was breathtaking, expansive, and deeply memorable. But even without it, the Met remains a magical place. No matter how many times I go, I always anticipate each trip and leave happy.

So this post is just an ode to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I love this place. I want everyone to see this place.

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