Home Life

I’ve taken up baking recently. It all started with Blueberry Pie.

One year in college, I found out we won’t be having pie at Thanksgiving Dinner, because the family in charge of desserts decided to go on a healthy kick…and bring everyone along with him. Well, I wasn’t going to take it. So I made a pie.

And a Thanksgiving tradition was started. But now, I have begun to expand my horizons.

There was homemade whipped cream for store-bought apple strudel.

And then there was cherry cheesecake for July 4th. I must say, it went well with the chicken wings.

But then, things changed. Yesterday, I got a standing mixer, a Cuisinart stainless steel beauty.

So I put it to use right away. I came back from brunch, did a conference call, and got right into baking.

Chocolate stout cake, and a Nutella banana bread. (Yes, I know the cake is in the shape of bread and the bread is in the shape of cake…)

It. Was. Delicious. Fluffy and light and fragrant. And the icing and the chocolate was so rich and amazing.

I’m a happy camper. I’m a baker.

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