Let’s take a moment to remember some things from the mass shootings in Orlando

This is a post I originally put on my Tumblr blog, but I feel the need to share it. The situation has made me feel sad, frustrated, and angry.

1. If you think the LGBT community is a threat to society, you’re wrong because they’re the ones who have bore the brunt of societal condemnation and ignorance, and have been for so many years.

2. If you think that gun control isn’t an issue, keep in mind that the deadliest mass shooting in America happened in the state w/ some of the most lax gun laws in the country. Also keep in mind that the federal government is not allowed to study mass shootings, thanks to lobbying by the NRA, so there can be no argument made that the government is monitoring your guns. It’s the opposite, and these senseless mass deaths are the result.

3. If you think that the shooter’s Muslim faith is what made him commit an act of senseless violence, then I would like to point you to the (not Muslim) man who shot up a black church and the (not Muslim) man who shot up little school kids and the (not Muslim) man who shot up a women’s health clinic.

4. If you think that Islam is a faith of violence, keep in mind that one vocal sect isn’t indicative of the entire population, just as the KKK and Trump’s bigoted supporters are not representative of America.

5. If you sit by and let Republicans make a long overdue gun control discussion get swept aside because we “shouldn’t politicize grief and the constitution” but let them politicize freedom of religion (also the constitution), or if you let them change the narrative to one of exclusion (building walls) rather than one of progress (gun control) – then you are part of the problem.

6. Don’t just offer thoughts and prayers. Do something to help.

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