Sleeping in. Leisure reading. Home-cooked meals.

Those are all symptoms of this special feeling that is the end of 1L

Let me get this straight: I truly love law school. I enjoy the challenges, I find my professors interesting and brilliant, and I’ve made fantastic friends. But I’m still glad the first year is over.

In fact, we were all pretty thrilled that we were leaving 1L year behind us. So we celebrated with cheesecake  at JG Melon, and rooftop views.



I was very lucky in that my summer job doesn’t start until early June; I thought June was standard until I saw my other friends start work only a few days after our finals ended.

So I filled up the time with some adventures.

My parents and I decided on a whim to get dinner at one of our old favorites, Tony’s DiNapoli. We managed to score a reservation the same day, and we showed up after visiting some family friends in the city and my mom got off work.

We three people ordered two entrees, their specials that night: lobster ravioli and chicken wrapped in prosciutto.



The lobster ravioli came with large and incredibly fresh prawns. The sauce was light enough to let the lobster stand out, yet still rich enough to be ideal for mopping up with crunchy bread.

The chicken was so very tender and buttery. And you can never go wrong with prosciutto.

We finished both entrees and scraped the plates clean, so you can tell how much we loved the food. (Unfortunately we were too full for dessert, but trust me when I say they make a great tiramisu.)

The lovely thing about Tony’s DiNapoli is that their entrees are meant to serve 2-3 people, yet their prices are very reasonable (especially for an Italian restaurant right by Times Square). I am usually suspect of ordering chicken in restaurants, because they can end up being tough, but I’ve had many variations of chicken dishes at Tony’s and they’ve never let me down. Their seafood is also very fresh and served in ample portions.

Later that week, one of my good friends from college, MH, came to visit New York, and we decided to grab dinner. When MB visited way back in the fall, we wanted to go to Pies N’ Thighs, but couldn’t fit it into our schedule. So MH and I decided to go…and it was such a fantastic decision.

This place is small and old-school, with a pastry shelf by the door and a large exposed fryer in the back. It’s usually very crowded in here on Fridays and weekends, but MH and I went during Memorial Day weekend, when the city was (thankfully) a tad more cleared out.

We ordered two entrees to share: the Chicken Bucket (3 pieces of chicken, a biscuit, and our chosen side of collard greens) and the Superbowl  (usually 3 sides, but we got two [mac and cheese and burnt end baked beans] and substituted one for fried chicken, with cornbread).

It was a feast.


The fried chicken was unbelievably juicy. There was juice actually coming out of the chicken with each bite. The skin was crunchy to perfection.

The baked beans were so flavorful; you can’t fake that burnt end taste.

When MH and I were deciding on sides, we both agreed that mac and cheese was non-negotiable. And what a great decision that was. It was so cheesy and decadent and wonderful.

The cornbread was a bit dry and crumbly for my taste, but the biscuit was flaky and buttery and to die for.

But the meal didn’t end there. If half of the restaurant name is dedicated to dessert, surely our meal would have to as well.

I got the lemon chess pie, which came with jam and loads of whipped cream on top.


It was like a lemon tart in pie form — and I mean that as a compliment. We have a family friend who makes the best lemon squares, and at dinner parties, she was always kind enough to make them just for me. This pie tasted just like those squares, which I loved.

MH went for the banana cream pie, which was light and fluffy and not too sweet. All in all: perfection.

(I got brunch the next day, with great eggs benedict with salmon and complimentary muffins, but have no pictures to show for it, so I’ll just leave you with pictures of the New York Public Library bathed in the sun.)




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