Vic’s NYC

I’ve been working with the NYU Law admissions office. My duties include making phone calls, sending emails, and giving tours.

One of the most frequent questions I get is whether law students are so busy that we need to pull all-nighters. The answer is always: no. There’s a lot of work to be done, but if you are running on lack of sleep, it’s probably a case of badly managed time.

So last weekend I suffered from a case of incredibly poorly managed time.

In preparing my brief, I decided that Saturday night/Sunday morning was the best time to unnecessarily go down a rabbit hole of Westlaw research. The result? Finally going to bed around 3:30 am, but not being able to fall asleep until a while later.

When I woke up, the howling winds outside my window were loud. My phone told me it was 35° out. I was exhausted.

All of those facts combined in my mind into the brilliant (?) idea that a brisk walk in the cold would be just the thing to wake me up.

 (You can’t tell in that picture, but trust me: it was brutal)

It’s a good thing I went with that plan, because it led me to a great brunch.

I’ve passed by Vic’s many times but never stopped in. On Sunday morning, it beckoned as a safe harbor from the unnaturally strong wind gusts.

Inside was a calming and serene space.  

Just look at the natural light! The morning sun flooded the restaurant, and I loved it.

In case you’re wondering: I was the first customer, that’s why there aren’t any other occupied tables in these pictures.

I was a bit amused when the hostess had a palpable look of confusion, maybe even pity, when I asked for a table for one. And when the waiter asked me if I was okay. I’ve mentioned before, but I do think eating alone is vastly underrated. I find it calming and recharging, but maybe that’s because I’m an introvert.

Either way, I quickly settled in on the food.

A good latte was helpful in finishing the wind’s job and waking me up.  
But the real star of the show was the baked eggs.  
I’ve gotten baked eggs before, but this was different. For one, it was larger. I had to pack half and bring it home — a brunch first in my books. It was also spicier, which was unexpected but still very welcome. And the bread that came (separately) was softer than the picture conveys. It was pretty much perfect bread for soaking up the tomato sauce and holding the egg without wilting or falling apart.

By the time I finished, Vic’s had filled up with friends, families, and a table of two grandparents gushing over their infant grandchild.

And I left happy, full, awake, and determined to come back to try more of their menu. (I’ve heard their bomboloni is amazing.)

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