First Lady of Pizza

I ate some delicious pizza today. But I was a bad blogger. I only got one photo, because I was too busy being entranced by the flavors. You’ll have to settle for my description (time to put the skills I picked up while writing my thesis to use!).

Two friends and I went to Marta. Located in the Martha Washington Hotel, it looks unassuming from the outside, tucked into the street. While walking there, I was captured by some of the best of NYC architecture.


But inside, it’s a different story.

There are high ceilings, large windows with sunlight pouring in, modern lights, a wall full of wine bottles, and an assortment of customers: some men and women in suits, some young people in trendy sweaters, and everything in between.

With food this good, it’s no wonder they draw in such a crowd.

We started with green risotto croquettes. Small fried nuggets, encasing cheesy heaven. The combination of cheese and cream and deep fried coating was in no way too heavy. Each bite kept goading me to go back for more.

But the star was the pizza. Straccietella pizza. Slightly sweet tomato sauce, liquid-y milky cheese, olive oil, and basil, on a thin cruse. Delicious.

Disclaimer: I’m a real New Yorker, I don’t eat my pizza with a fork and knife. The fork was there to help support the pizza when I held it — with my hands! — to my mouth.

The beautiful plates didn’t hurt either. I’m a sucker for all things blue and white (I probably got that from my mother), be it dresses or porcelain.

The pie was six slices, and my friend and I finished it. No problem.

Then came dessert. I got cannoli cheesecake with pistachio crema, she got tiramisu ice cream sandwich.

The cheesecake was rich and truly tasted like a cannoli. The crust was crunchier than expected and slightly chocolatey. The pistachio crema was a lovely touch. I hear the tiramisu ice cream sandwich was very good as well (I’ll have to give it a try of my own next time!).

We left full and happy. After all, what’s better than a leisurely Tuesday lunch? Surely better than a stressful Tuesday study session.

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