A Wednesday Adventure

The path to A Voce is slightly daunting: a rush-hour jam-packed subway ride, up three levels amid a sprawling selection of shops, and then down a dark hallway. If you find this stuff intimidating…go anyway.

On being adventurous

New York Times food reviews are something of a joy to read, especially those of Pete Wells. His recent review of Per Se was dramatic and scathing (though not as scathing as this one), as well as snarky and, perhaps unintentionally, funny (“Once, the table was set for dessert so haphazardly that my spoon ended … More On being adventurous

First Lady of Pizza

I ate some delicious pizza today. But I was a bad blogger. I only got one photo, because I was too busy being entranced by the flavors. You’ll have to settle for my description (time to put the skills I picked up while writing my thesis to use!).