A Different Thanksgiving

Like I mentioned before, the end of first semester 1L year is a stressful time.

Outlining. Reading. Studying. Complete and total exhaustion.
And, of course, stress-eating Entenmann’s donuts.


Add onto that a house under construction.

It started in September, and we were told it would take three weeks. Then the finish line was pushed to “two weeks before Thanksgiving.”
Needless to say, neither date panned out.
So Thanksgiving this year was going to be different. It was going to be more stressful and….less traditional. We had no dining room, the living room was piled high with furniture, and each bedroom was a touch away from complete.
So we ate in the family den.
But before that, we had a family lunch with my grandparents. I seized the opportunity to dress up.



Coat: J. Crew (similar). Bag: Gucci (stolen from Mama Teng). Necklace: Tiffany & Co.
And take family pictures (some posed, some not).
Mama Teng: bag (Tory Burch), coat (Banana Republic), shoes (Hogan)
Papa Teng: jacket (Ralph Lauren)




At lunch, my grandparents got me an early birthday cake (my actual birthday is the Thursday after Thanksgiving, when I’ll be getting ready to sing to Taylor Swift). There may or may not have been a name misspelling on the cake.
At night, I changed into comfy, cozy, fleece-y pajamas, and cozy slippers.
Ready to devour all the food.
We did not plan on having a big thanksgiving meal, due to the state of the house. But thanksgiving without a big meal is hardly thanksgiving. And it would hardly be a satisfactory study break.
So we made food: ham with homemade glaze, sweet potatoes, potatoes au gratin, and mac and cheese.






And we drank wine like college students.


We were so full, there wasn’t even room for dessert! Guess that’s the sign of a meal well done.

But no worries, we partook in dessert at other times during the long weekend. We had chocolate chocolate cake, pecan pie, and homemade pineapple ricotta cake (delicious and buttery, to say the least).




Despite the onslaught of delays and stress there was still so much to be thankful for this year, and it was nice to take time and enjoy being with family and being at home.

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