Students Who Brunch

It’s almost thanksgiving. For “non-lawyer human beings,” as my Contracts professor says, that should be a happy time.

For 1L’s, it’s anything but. Rather, it’s a time for late night pecan pie and gelato. It’s delicious, but also eaten in stressful sorrow.

Classes end in two weeks. Finals start soon after. Law school exams are different beast from anything encountered any time before.

During these harrowing times, it’s important to make little pockets of relaxation to stay sane. I think that is a justifiable reason to step away from the books. Perhaps it’s even substantially just.

I prefer to call these pockets “brunch.” Short, but blissful.

The fantastic thing about living across the street from the law school is that I’m right in the thick of things. There is a plethora of options, ranging from a 5 minute walk away to a 20 minute subway ride away. The possibilities are endless.

I was feeling lazy, so I stuck with the “5 minute walk” options. And I’m so glad I did, because I found Baker & Co.

Located on busy Bleeker Street, it’s actually somewhat easy to miss if you don’t keep your eye open for it. The interiors are cozy, and there’s even a back patio for warmer weather days. (I won’t complain though — this November overall has been unseasonably warm.)

We were among the first guests there, which I didn’t mind at all. A quiet start is always fine by me.

We got crunchy bread and olive oil to nibble on while perusing the menu. Getting bread at brunch was a lovely surprise!

There was eggs Benedict with jumbo lump crab cake and avocado, potatoes au gratin, and greens.

And Nutella French toast, with a side of thick-cut fatty bacon.

To say it was delicious would be an understatement.

The dishes were not lacking in ingredients or flavor. Each bite was as good as the last.

The crab and avocado paired wonderfully with the runny eggs. The hollandaise wasn’t overpowering.

The French toast was thick and soft; pairing it with Nutella and cream and syrup sounds cloying….but is actually genius.

The bacon was a nice savory touch to a sweet dish.

My only regret was that it was too early to get the cacio e pepe mac and cheese. It looks ludicrously good. Guess I’ll have another excuse to come back one day.

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