Monday Morning Breakfast-ing

As much as I love New York, it’s very far from Michigan. And that means it’s far from some great people.

But sometimes those great people come to New York! What better way to celebrate the occasion than with food?

Having heard lovely things about Cafe Mogador, we decided to give it a try on Monday morning before my class.

After some hugs and catching up, we got down to the food.

Halumi eggs for me and Moroccan eggs for MB.

Poached eggs, halumi, roasted tomatoes, pita, and salad.

Poached eggs in spicy tomato sauce, with redskin potatoes.


And a pot of mint tea to share.

I admit that this was my first time I’ve had halumi cheese, and now I’m kicking myself that I’ve lived so long without it. It has a very unique flavor, and it’s not “melty” or “cheesy.”

The haloumi paired wonderfully with the poached egg and tomatoes (which I layered onto the pita and then heaped on a generous portion of the Moroccan sauce).

We devoured our delicious breakfasts between gossiping, laughing, and trading stories and updates. MB and I haven’t seen each other since May, but it was like those months in between didn’t even happen.

Guess that’s the sign of good friendship.

Well, that, and the comfort level of not being afraid to eat your plate completely clean.


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