Parents’ Anniversary

Twenty-five years ago, two people started a life together.
They came from different backgrounds, growing up halfway around the world, before meeting in New York.










A few years later, they had a kid who knew instinctively how to give a fierce side-eye, even as a baby.


They studied and worked while caring for me.



They offer incredible support.


And (sometimes unwanted) protection

They are examples of what I hope to be. (Taken at my Father’s law school graduation.)

They are not afraid to pose for goofy pictures when I ask.


Mommy even dances with me, even though neither of us have an iota of talent in that area.

But they also clean up nicely.



In short: they are the best. Happy anniversary, Mama and Papa Teng. Glad I chose you to be my parents when I was a little angel flying around.

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