Hudson Clearwater

This November has been warm so far. It offers great walking weather to observe the trees with its turning colors, the streaming sunlight on stately brownstones….and scope out some food.

Now, I love Buvette. Their fluffy scramble eggs are the stuff of dreams.

But it seems that everyone else loves Buvette as well. We were told there would be a 45 minute wait. As lovely as it is outside, my stomach is not willing to wait 45 minutes for breakfast.

So we hot-footed it to a place only four minutes away: Hudson Clearwater.

We arrived right as they opened and got seated immediately. After getting water and menus, we were left to ooh and ahh over the offerings and the interiors.


But first, let’s take a look at my new (short) hair! I’m far happier with the look than my “throwing shade” face suggests. It’s fresh, it’s light, and I’m frankly quite excited about it.


But then I busied myself with just about the largest cup of hot chocolate I have ever seen.

I asked if they had whipped cream to go with it, but they sadly did not. The deliciousness of it made up for that lack, though. It was rich without being sickening, sweet without being cloying. It was frothy up top and thick below.

I finished it in about 10 minutes. Don’t mind me.

Then came the mains.

Blueberry cornmeal johnnycakes and a side of scrambled eggs.

Herbed french omelette with aged cheddar and greens.

It was quite good. The blueberries were fresh, the butter was creamy, and the cornmeal was fine.


I’m sure the omelette was delicious, but I was too wrapped up with my plate. Oops.

Slowly, the restaurant began to fill up. There were some couples sitting outside enjoying the sun, some families sitting inside chatting away. The bar and the kitchen were bustling.

It was a great start to Sunday.

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