I took a study break yesterday. 

I got tickets a month ago. A friend mentioned that there were free tickets for a show on November 4, and we all jumped on board, registering on our phones while waiting for our drinks. (Isn’t technology wonderful?)

We went after class and found a line going around the curb! Since seating goes on a first-come-first-serve basis, I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t make the cut.

Thankfully, that wasn’t an issue. We quickly found our way at the front of the line, checking in and getting our hands stamped.

We were told to return at 3:30 pm to get back in line to get in, which left us with a little over an hour to do whatever we wanted.  

So we went to lunch at Pazza Notte

They boast an express lunch menu that is served within 10 minutes of ordering. When working with a time crunch, express menus sound extra good.

The menu was by no means a paltry offering. It came with a starter and an entree, all for $15. The starters ranged from creamy tomato soup to calamari fritti to salad. The entrees had panini and pasta. I went for creamy tomato soup and penne all vodka. (You can’t go wrong with either one).

I didn’t take pictures, but trust me when I say the food was good. The food didn’t appear to be a lot, but the bowls were deep and the food was filling.

But let’s not forget about the martinis.

Blood orange, passionfruit, and espresso (I don’t like coffee, but I like coffee flavors). It was possibly the best martini I’ve ever had. The flavor drew me in, and I could barely taste the alcohol. 

The best part was dipping the biscotti (which we received with our checks) into the espresso martini. After all, biscotti are made for dipping.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the studio, but the show was AMAZING. The band was phenomenal and wildly energetic. Stephen Colbert was gracious and hilarious. 

Naturally, we greeted him with chants of STE-PHEN STE-PHEN STE-PHEN. 

Watching him mess up and laugh at his own jokes added to the vibrant atmosphere. It was fascinating to see all that goes behind the show, from the stage manager rousing the audience to applause, the camera shifts, the quick costume changes…and even a minor (but quite funny) technical error. 

It didn’t hurt that our guest was Daniel Craig. Watching him say “Bond. James Bond.” felt like I was witnessing an iconic moment. (So iconic that Papa Teng, out of jealousy, told me not to come home for Thanksgiving!)

It was dark when we got out, so we took advantage of the opportunity to capture the sign in all its glory.


And then we went back to our daily lives of being law students. 
P.S.: Catch the show here

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