Nan Xiang Dumpling House

Nobody likes dentist appointments, even if they’re routine cleaning or checkups. But there is always one tried and true way to make the dreaded day a bit better: the promise of a good breakfast.

Flushing, Queens is diverse and vibrant part of New York City, and it boasts a wealth of eateries, from restaurants to street carts, catering halls to bakeries. I always leave Flushing full and happy. So it’s a good thing that my dentist’s office in Flushing. 

I stopped by an old favorite, Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao. It’s cash-only, the service is brusque, there’s always a line, and the food is reliably good. 

We stacked our table with the usual suspects. The issue has already been decided that the food is delicious; that doesn’t mean I am precluded from rehashing that issue and re-affirming my decision with each visit. 

There was beef wrapped in scallion pancake and slathered in sauce (crispy, oily, satisfying)

The famous xiao long bao, which are dumplings filled with meat and soup.

The proper way to eat them is to pick one up delicately with the tongs, place it on your spoon, take a bite, and suck out the rich soup inside. You don’t want to bit into it, otherwise all the hot soup will pour out and burn you. 

Once you drain it of soup, then you eat the rest like you normally would: savagely, and enjoying every bit of it.

We also added other buns (filled with juicy pork and topped with sesame), rice cakes with vegetables (meant as a light palate-cleanser, but it came off as bland), and Shanghai-style tofu.


I can’t imagine a better way to be sent off to the dentist.

And then I ended the day with these spectacular views:


New York is always a good idea. 

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